Avatar image Harlan V. Wei (aka. Wei Chen)

Harlan Vian Wei (aka. Wei Chen / 陈唯)

I'm a master's student from Peking University majoring in Software Engineering (expected to graduate in June 2024). In 2022 and '23 I interned at the Cloud Infrustructure BU of ByteDance (the company behind TikTok). My work there mostly involves drivers and virtualization software. Before this I earned my B.Sc. in Software Engineering from Beihang University in June 2021.

My research is mainly focused on operating systems (Linux in particular), virtualization and system security. Currently I'm working on topics related to Rowhammer.

In my free time I love to travel and take pictures. I also post excerpts from my notes here from time to time. Feel free to contact me via anything from the top-right corner of this page. I speak both Chinese and English. (Ich lerne auch Deutsch.)

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